Mutations: Becoming Part Of The Mutant Horde!

There are only three ways of becoming part of the
Escape From Jesus Island Mutant Horde.

  1. Back our Kickstarter campaign at certain reward levels. (For now, this option is closed. The 1st Kickstarter campaign is done. You can view some of the awesome rewards we offered HERE.)
  2. Win one of our various contests (good luck)!
  3. Purchase our brand new option —JOIN THE MUTANT HORDE!— mutation at our official EFJI store.

Here at EFJI we love to mutate, mutilate and kill our fans. In the spirit of participation, we regularly run contests where a Fan will be transformed into a mutant by Artist Mortimer Glum.

Since winning one of our contests isn’t easy, the only sure way you can be transformed into a twisted monster, and possibly grace the pages of our comic is option #3.

(NOTE: There is no guarantee you’ll make it into the comic, but Morty is always looking for good mutant fodder to fill his pages so…)

Here’s a look at a few previous mutations.

Super fan Big Gore (from the band Gore Syrup) joined the Mutant Horde!



Check Out the Video ‘Make Me a Mutant’!

So, if you want to become immortalized as a hideously deformed, but absolutely fantastic, EFJI mutant…wait for the next contest, or head on over to our official store now!