What Clive Barker Had To Say About EFJI

“May I recommend a comic by writer Shawn French and artist Mortimer Glum. It’s called Escape From Jesus Island, and it has been created with immense love, commitment and vision. It’s almost like seeing a hyper-intense Italian movie for the first time: your mind will be blown. Please check them out,
Much love to you all, Clive. “
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The Blood Shed: Interview with Shawn French

“”There are seven billion people on this spinning ball of dirt and it isn’t my job to navigate around their emotional triggers. A story in which the Antichrist is a literal clone of Jesus is going to ruffle some feathers and I really don’t care. At all. The people who are enjoying our story are REALLY enjoying it and that’s what matters to me.

Bleeding Cool: Bleeding Cool Bestseller Chart – Eternal Rings Out

“Escape from Jesus Island #2 did awesome this week too. We literally had people waiting at the door on Wednesday morning to pick up the regular & Phantom variants. That book has some serious fan support!”

G33k L1f3: Comics and Graphic Novels to Look Forward to in 2014

EFJI tops the list of G33k L1f3’s list of comics/graphic novels to ckeck out in 2014.

Broken Frontier: Escape From Jesus Island #2 to premiere as Phantom Variant

“That was one of the things Mortimer and I decided very early on,” French said. “We wanted this comic book to belong to the fans who helped make it happen. So we take every opportunity to bring them into the story, either as characters or through Name The Mutant contests and such. One of our biggest Kickstarter backers, Steven Long, will appear as a major character in this story, the Antichrist’s bodyguard, Inquisition. His son even makes a cameo appearance in EFJI #2.”

Entertainment Fuse: The Three Strangest Comic Books on Kickstarter

“Well. When I first saw the title, I thought “no, it can’t be that Jes–oh.” Then, after looking it over, it became clear to me that this is awesome. I mean, number one, a black ops team helps Jesus fight mutated cloned monsters of himself. Yes please.”

The Courier: ‘Jesus Island’ offends critics despite following Bible stories

“French said he knew the series would be controversial, but he didn’t shy away from it. When the Phantom variant was released, some retailers decided to leave the Phantom collective altogether rather than sell the issue, which features the image of the Antichrist on a crucifix.”

Dread Central: Shawn French Talks Escape from Jesus Island Comic Launch and Future Plans

“I can’t wait to finally be able to dig more deeply into the story in the coming issues,” French said. “I treated episode one as a cold-open scene in a film. Like the James Bond flicks that open with a 10-minute action scene. Then slow it down a little, play the credits and dig into the main story. I’ve always loved starting a story like that.”

Decapitated Dan: Horror Comic Roundup (EFJI #2)

“The concept is not as straightforward as making a clone, and the creative team shows off their knowledge with smart writing. This issue builds well on where #1 left off, and things are only starting to heat up. With a solid look, and great story telling, this is a book to add to your collection now.  Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0


“Shawn French & Mortimer Glum continue their stellar work in this release and as grotesque and gut-churning some of the elements are…’s hard not to keep on reading.”

Comic Bastards: Review: Escape from Jesus Island #2

“It is some of the most intensely (and insanely) entertaining story and artwork available in all of comics, not just the indies. It is definitely one that you should be taking notice of like right now. Writer Shawn French and artist Mortimer Glum have created something uniquely original, ballsy, and yes, entertaining as anything I have been reading in recent months.”

Comic Book Money: Review: Escape from Jesus Island #1

“Escape From Jesus Island (hereafter referred to as EFJI) is an exercise in passion. It literally and figuratively is splashed across the pages of the first installment. Shawn French has created something that reads like an american horror movie, but looks like something Dario Argento would be proud to call his own.”

Comic Bastards: Review: Escape from Jesus Island #1

“A carnival ride is the best description I can give to explain Shawn French’s writing style. Actually, it’s a roller coaster in the fog. As we start, we are going up the hill, hearing the clicks of the pull, but everything we see is creepy and distorted. When we reach the top of the hill, the fog clears and what we see is a devastating drop that intensifies with each speed burst of writing. It us well paced and intense.”

Fanboy Comics: ‘Escape from Jesus Island #1:’ Comic Book Review

“Glum’s artwork falls into the eerie, almost 3D-rendered style that I personally find very unsettling, which is almost certainly the intent with EFJI!  The watercolor-like backgrounds lend a dreamy, nightmare quality to the setting, as well, which had me blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.”

ComicWow! Review: Escape From Jesus Island

“The cover artwork grabbed me and I eagerly read through it. As a big horror fan, I often think that I’ve pretty much seen it all. This comic is that very rare thing – something totally outrageously original. Sometimes a comic is strong on art or strong on story – ESCAPE FROM JESUS ISLAND is both – a beautifully executed nightmarish story.”

Talking Comics: Escape From Jesus Island #1 Review

“Escape From Jesus Island is a terrifying bloodbath that doesn’t slow down. From the moment the first deformed figure appears from the shadows, this story slashes at your face with morbid delight, leaving behind carnage which is eventually eaten like candy by a half man on a wheeled platform.”

Fearnet: Bagged and Boarded Comic Reviews- EFJI #1

“This gleefully offensive comic is so full of blood, gore, and mayhem that I can’t not recommend it. Originally released in December as part of a promo, it’s now officially released. And this comic is a blast. If you like monsters, sacrilegious imagery, and idealistic a-holes getting torn to pieces… you’ll love Escape from Jesus Island.”

Bleeding Cool: Escape From Jesus Island #1 – A Exclusive Christmas Week Comic For Phantom Retailers

“Phantom First Friday is a new exclusive deal arranged for retailers in the Phantom collective. A new comic, exclusive to those stores for a period of time, with an exclusive cover and launched on a Friday rather than the traditional Wednesday. And in the process, creating a new micro-distribution model for comics.”

 Haunt of Horrors Press: Morty Emerges From His Dark, Dank Hole To Join French In A EFJI Chat 

“This is a story of sibling rivalry and in its most morbid and sarcastic sense, the Son of God vs. his fraternal twin, the Antichrist. We retell the fable of Revelation through the glowing eyes of these two characters and spin a tale of their love/hate relationship which results in the deaths of about a billion or so people.”  MORE


“I was a mild-mannered writer until I was hit by lightning at the not so tender age 25. A lifetime of reading comics taught me that this would clearly be the turning point in my life and that great adventures awaited. But alas, the only ability I developed was being in lots of pain, which is a pretty lame super power. Even Aquaman called me up to mock me. Dick.”  MORE

Dread Central: Moving Forward After Successful Kickstarter Campaign

“It started with the title. Escape from Jesus Island was such an insane moniker we had to run an article. Now there’s a lot more to this comic than just a crazy handle – it’s on fire!” MORE

Sanitarium Magazine Part One

“As a reviewer I try to remain as impartial to the projects I review. As what I can only call being a reporter, I try to remain unbiased towards the news I’m reporting on. With that said, I am still but a lowly human being, and as such I have a vast array of emotions, and though those emotions are often buried deep within my dark and brooding exterior, a sliver of light sometimes creeps out of a crack in armour. You can now thank Shawn French and Mortimer Glum for allowing just a shred of that light in the form excitement to escape with their new Kickstarter project immaculately entitled Escape From Jesus Island…” MORE

Sanitarium Magazine Part Two

“Last week I brought to you a feature on a comic book series that was going through a Kickstarter campaign. That feature was on Escape From Jesus Island, and if you couldn’t tell from the article, it was a project I was very excited for. Based on what was on the Kickstarter page, it had everything that you want in a good comic, let alone a horror comic. Well, I was lucky enough to conduct an interview with the project creator, Shawn French. French is a dedicated and talented individual who has put nearly a lifetimes worth of effort into this project, and finally seeing it come to light is something special, exciting, and all around remarkable. …” MORE

Igor’s Lab: Can YOU Escape From Jesus Island?

“The comic ESCAPE FROM JESUS ISLAND has surpassed its Kickstarter goal and with 13 days to go they are still adding backers. Like any other Kickstarter project you get something for your support and when it comes to comics there are some cool levels. For example for $150 bucks you can be drawn into the comic and even get killed, that is pretty cool.”  MORE

Igor’s Lab Interviews Writer Shawn French

“I first spoke with Shawn French when we spotted his Kickstarter project ESCAPE FROM JESUS ISLAND. The name alone was more than enough for us to stop, but add the artwork and storyline and we were hooked. I reached out to Shawn to see if he would like to do an interview and here we are…” MORE

Local metalhead ‘stars’ in horror comic Escape from Jesus Island

Coffin Syrup fans get ready for a scare. Your beloved Big Gore is going to bite the dust. Not in real life, mind you, but in the pages of the forthcoming horror comic Escape from Jesus Island by writer Shawn French and artist Mortimer Glum…”

Shawn French Talks EFJI At The Labyrinth

Shawn French spills the beans on our project at the Labyrinth.

EFJI on Comic Bastards

“I know we have some horror fans that check out the site and from the looks of Escape from Jesus Island, any fan of Crossed is probably going to like this series.” MORE

Apocalyptic Free For All at Port Con Maine 2013

EFJI’s own Mortimer Glum weighs in on the Apocalypse (like why it hasn’t happened yet!) as a panelist (with Regina and Marc Bartholomew and Fred Greenhalgh) at this years PortCon 2013. Our very own Peeter Parkker moderated the event.

DIY: Talking Self-Published Comics with Writer Shawn French

It‘s happened to anyone with an interest in the medium; standing in line or sitting in traffic, an idea snakes its way into your head and you think, ‘This would make a great comic book!’

The Plague

We held an Escape From Jesus Island sneak peek event in Portland, Maine at the Asylum with a bunch of Jesus Island loving, zombie-freaks.


Here at EFJI we love to mutate, mutilate and kill our fans. In the spirit of participation, we regularly run contests where a Fan will be transformed into a mutant by Artist Mortimer Glum.

Promotional Brochure

The EFJI crew put together a 20-page, promotional brochure for potential investors, retailers, distributors or anyone else interested in the comic series. That brochure is available for your viewing pleasure.

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