Act One (the first 8 issues) of EFJI has four very distinct factions, each with very different goals. The first (and the reason the story exists) is ReGen Corporation, who created the horde of clones as part of Project Savior. Next is our main character, Jesus, reborn into a life of slavery. Then comes ReGen’s biggest mistake, Christ’s monstrous twin brother Yeshua (aka Damien). And last, but certainly not least, is the faction sent to “rescue” Jesus–The Vatican.


The Power Players

After extracting a drop of blood from a petrified portion of The Cross, the scientists at ReGen Corp make it their mission to recreate Jesus. They eventually succeed, but in the process create scores of hideously deformed near-Jesus freaks and a monstrous twin brother, Damien. ReGen’s CEO, Anna Thorne, plans to sell the reborn Christ’s healing services to the wealthy at an exclusive resort hospital…MORE

After his first trip to Earth ended in a much publicized disaster, all Jesus wanted was to be left alone. Reborn into slavery to ReGen Corp so he can heal the wealthy, Jesus is a bitter and broken man. A life spent in captivity has only intensified his anger toward the human race that once crucified him for suggesting that maybe people should be nice to each other…MORE

Yeshua, nicknamed Damien by the ReGen staff, is the twin brother of Jesus. While both possess the full memories and abilities of Christ, Damien’s violent impulses make him a constant problem for ReGen. After attempts to cage him end in disaster, ReGen CEO Anna Thorne allows Damien to live outside the main compound so long as he heals his sickly brother when needed…MORE

With cancer eating away at his body, Pope Sidious knows his time on Earth is rapidly coming to a close. His only chance at survival is to gain possession of the one man who can heal him, the recently reborn Jesus. Sidious sends a Vatican Black Ops team on a covert mission to retrieve Christ at any cost…MORE