Pope Sidious

Spotlight: Pope Sidious, Bishop of Rome


Toward the end of the Cold War, the assassination of two Popes in as many years left the Vatican at a crossroads. They opted for an Austrian traditionalist, Cardinal Koenig, who would rise to power as Pope Sidious I. Sidious blamed the assassination of his predecessors on The Church going soft and letting idealism interfere with practical decision-making.

Widely criticized by those outside his faith for his handling of the child sex abuse scandal, Sidious maintains that they were all isolated incidents, caused by men of God having to live in an amoral society.

As Sidious aged, he became more reclusive and militant, rarely leaving his inner sanctum. Those in the church who refused to fall in line with his teachings were discommunicated. Now sickly and nearing the end of his time on Earth, the Bishop of Rome has his agents searching for any way to extend his reign.

When Russian Prime Minister Yegorov’s wife miraculously recovers from cancer, the Vatican Black Ops trace her recent movements to a remote island testing facility run by ReGen Corp. If their sources in the Kremlin are to be believed, Yegorov’s wife was healed by Christ reborn/remade.

With time running out on Sidious, he sends in an elite Vatican Black Ops crew to find the Son of God and Escape From Jesus Island.