Spotlight: Lithe


“Humans are insolent insects playing at God. The world will not miss them.”

Even the Antichrist sometimes needs a little spiritual guidance and for that, he has Lithe. Wickedly clever and with a vengeful streak surpassed only by Yeshua himself, the silver-tongued Lithe is Yeshua’s high priest and most trusted servant.

One of the first clones created, Lithe was nearing adulthood when the Twins (Jesus and Yeshua) were born. Although Lithe failed to display any of Christ’s powers during his testing phase as a child, ReGen Corp CEO Anna Thorne immediately saw the value in this fiendishly intelligent mutant.

A voracious reader, Lithe had absorbed every book in the sizable ReGen library by his late teens. Anna then provided him with the research materials he would need to learn and assist in the cloning process. When Anna’s husband Cameron passed away, Lithe took his place as Anna’s research partner. His Eidetic memory was invaluable in the lab and he was every bit as dedicated to the cloning project as Anna was, for very different reasons. Lithe had obsessively studied Biblical prophecy and assisted ReGen only to facilitate the creation of his master, the Antichrist.

When the Twins were born, Lithe took an active roll in their testing and upbringing, tutoring young Yeshua and helping him harness his anger.

In public, Lithe was a loyal servant to ReGen. A good soldier. When alone with the budding Antichrist, Lithe’s true colors came through. Lithe helped Yeshua control his violent impulses, explaining the value of biding their time. When Yeshua wanted to kill every human in sight, Lithe taught him the importance of patience and discipline. He convinced the young monster that there was much more to be gained by allowing ReGen to continue its work.

Lithe encouraged Yeshua to rescue discarded mutant clones and secret them away in the tunnels beneath the ReGen compound on Jesus Island. There, the clones were taught by Lithe and transformed by Yeshua into unwaveringly loyal soldiers.

For years, Lithe reined in Jesus’ volatile twin, convincing him that their chance to strike would arise if they were patient. On a fateful night when a Vatican Black Ops team attacked the island, it was time to make their move.