Spotlight: Joe, Vatican Special Ops


MARY: What exactly do you do? For the Vatican, I mean.

JOE: Whatever they tell me to.


Having spent his childhood in a Vatican-run orphanage, Joe was raised in the service of the Church. There he was taught how to channel his violent tendencies and when to unleash them. They transformed him from a wild street thug into a cold and disciplined killer.

By age 30, Joe had become an invaluable member of the Vatican Black Ops, a department he now heads. A student of ancient warfare tactics and a jack of all trades, Joe is an extremely versatile agent who generally prefers to work alone.

When the ailing Pope Sidious learned that Christ had been recreated by ReGen Corp and was being held at the remote Malsum Island Research Facility, Joe was ordered to assemble a team of to find the Son of God and Escape From Jesus Island.

Alongside several of his top Black Ops agents and Mary, a Vatican doctor and theologian, Joe is determined to complete his mission at all cost. But when he comes face to face with Christ himself, Joe must decide who it is that he serves.

Joe (modeled after Justin Cole) joins the cast of Escape From Jesus Island in Episode 2.