Jet, Vatican Infiltration Specialist

Spotlight: Jet


“Walls are only obstacles for those who lack imagination.”


For generations, Vatican orphanages have served as a scouting ground for their Black Ops unit, allowing the religious powerhouse to find the best and brightest children to recruit into its service. One of the most physically gifted athletes to ever come through the Vatican is the nameless orphan known simply as Jet.

As a boy, Jet was a pariah in the church due to his refusal to follow orders and his insistence on climbing everything. Jet was forever breaking into places he shouldn’t be and exploring things he wasn’t meant to see. The greater the challenge, the better.

It was Jet’s most ambitious break-in that earned him the attention of the Vatican Black Ops, when he was caught taking a selfie with the sleeping Pope.

Joe, the Vatican Black Ops leader, brought the talented free runner and stealth specialist into the fold and trained him to put his gifts to use for Team Vatican.

When Joe was tasked with assembling a team to infiltrate ReGen Corp’s Malsum Island Research Facility, Jet got the call to serve as point man on what could prove to be his greatest challenge yet.

Jet is modeled after Parkour badass Jesse Jet Villarreal, who you can see wreaking havoc on the “American Ninja Warrior” course here:


Spill yer guts, minions!

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