Spotlight: Jesus, Son of God


JOE: The Virgin Birth.
JESUS: What about it?
JOE: Did it really happen that way?
JESUS: You can ask the Messiah about any of the countless mysteries of this universe, and you open with THAT? No, my mother wasn’t a lying whore. Thanks for asking, though.


After his first trip to Earth ended in much-publicized disaster, the Son of God was enjoying a peaceful afterlife. Two thousand years had allowed him to mostly recover from the trauma of being crucified for suggesting that maybe people should be nice to each other.

All that ended when a drop of his blood was extracted from a petrified piece of The Cross. After hundreds of failed cloning attempts that created near-Jesus mutant freaks, the scientists at ReGen Corporation finally succeeded in creating a set of Twins-Jesus and the monstrous Yeshua, called Damien by the ReGen staff.

Trapped on Earth once again, Christ is a captive of ReGen Corp CEO Anna Thorne at Malsum Island Research Facility. There, he is forced to heal the other test subjects and the occasional wealthy client.

Born with a disorder that causes rampant cell growth, Jesus is dependant on his deranged brother for regular healing. Knowing escape would only lead to a quick and painful death by illness, Jesus had little choice but to do as ReGen asked and serve as their resident healer.

But upon learning of ReGen’s ultimate plans for the island, the Son of God decides to make his move.