Spotlight: Inquisition
Shadow of the Antichrist

Inquisition unmasked

Damien’s enforcer, Inquisition, is a wrecking ball of death. In the early days of the Project Savior, ReGen Corp had so many failed test subjects that they disposed of the bodies with regular mass burnings. The badly charred, but still breathing, form of Inquisition was pulled from one of those fires by Damien.

Inquisition was Damien’s first experiment in targeted healing. Instead of fully restoring this mutant’s wounds, Damien replaced its right hand with a powerful flail, stabilizing Inquisition while maintaining his horrific burnt appearance. Damien’s realization that he could physically transform his followers would open the door to many more horrors to come.

This reborn mutant now serves as Damien’s unholy knight, standing silently at his master’s side and eagerly awaiting permission to crush the human race that has caused him nothing but suffering.

Appearing as Inquisition in the Escape From Jesus Island comics is Kickstarter supporter Steven Long. While masked in the early issues, we’ll be seeing much more of Inquisition’s face as the series unfolds, including flashbacks to before he was horribly burned.

(Beginning in 2014, costume designer Suicidal will be appearing at horror and comic book conventions as Inquisition. Follow his fan page for updates on when and where you can get your picture taken with the Antichrist’s personal bodyguard.)

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