Spotlight: Goliath

Goliath War

“As bad as it is here, the outside world would treat me far worse. Even when I looked normal and could heal and feed them, the humans crucified me. What would they do to me now?
I am a monster.
A freak.”


As a child, Goliath failed to display any of Christ’s powers during ReGen Corp’s brutal testing program. While most failed test subjects were exterminated and burned on a funeral pyre, Goliath was spared due to his unparalleled size and strength.

ReGen CEO Anna Thorne claimed Goliath as her personal bodyguard and got to work breaking him at a young age. With the push of a button, a chip in the brain stem of Goliath (and every other clone in the area) activates, inflicting debilitating pain. After a decade of service, Goliath has learned the price for angering Anna and has become a loyal servant. In exchange, Anna allows Goliath’s diminutive friend Palsy, one of the elder failed clones, to live in safety and relative comfort.

Although mute, Palsy provides companionship for his colossal friend. Goliath’s days are a non-stop series of horrors, seeing the full scope of Anna’s testing program. The quest to recreate Jesus has created hundreds of failed clones, each more nightmarishly deformed than the last. Goliath’s quiet times sitting with Palsy and looking across the ocean are what keep him going and make it possible to face another day.

Standing 8’1” and weighing in at over 600 pounds, Goliath already stands head and shoulders above the rest of the mutant test subjects and he’s still growing. The clever giant has been watching Jesus’ monstrous twin brother Yeshua (aka Damien) gather up failed test subjects and secret them away in the tunnels beneath the testing facility. Goliath knows it’s a matter of time before Yeshua and his growing horde become a threat that must be dealt with.

He is: Goliath

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