Yeshua (aka Damien)

Spotlight: Yeshua (aka Damien)


“Prayer is real, Joseph. I had no power to act, trapped without a physical form, but I heard them all. Every one of those children, defiled in a HOUSE OF GOD. They cried out for me to save them, but I could do nothing. I could do NOTHING.

I hear them all. Sometimes it’s all I hear.”


Although both of the Twins (Jesus and Yeshua) possess the full memories of Christ’s previous trip to Earth, Yeshua (nicknamed Damien by the ReGen Corp staff) is far less forgiving about the treatment he received. The monstrous clone was raised in the shadow of his brother, ReGen’s most prized possession.

From a young age, Yeshua’s homicidal tendencies made him a major issue for ReGen CEO Anna Thorne. Even as a child, the clone possessed all of Christ’s powers —including the ability to mesmerize people by locking eyes with them — making captivity near impossible.

Anna would have destroyed Yeshua long ago, but Jesus was born with a disorder that caused rampant cell growth and only his monstrous twin could provide the regular healing required to keep the Savior alive.

After an incident with Yeshua that resulted in 17 dead ReGen Corp employees and a burned out wing of the Malsum Island Research Facility, Anna finally struck a deal with the young mutant. In exchange for healing Jesus when needed, Yeshua would be allowed to live on his own in the tunnels beneath the facility.

With the guidance of his spiritual advisor, Lithe, Yeshua learned to harness his anger and unleash it only when there was a benefit to be had. Yeshua began rescuing failed mutant test subjects that were scheduled for termination, secreting them away in the tunnels and transforming them into his Apostles.

For years, Yeshua secretly planned for his day of vengeance, obsessively honing his abilities and testing their limits while training his new soldiers. On a fateful night when a Vatican Black Ops team attacked the island, it was time to make his move.

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