Spotlight: Oleg Arlovski (aka Barracuda), Vatican Interrogator & Personal Protector of the Pope


“I am in good mood, so choice is yours. Which finger comes off first?”


Oleg Arlovski, a Ukrainian mercenary, served as the bodyguard to Cardinal Koenig in Austria, earning them both a reputation for brutality. A series of unfortunate accidents silenced their most vocal critics, which in turn silenced the others.

Nicknamed Barracuda for reasons obvious to anyone who has seen him fight, Arlovski is a loyal, albeit thoroughly unhinged, freight train of destruction.

Following the assassination of two liberal popes in as many years, and with the burgeoning child sex scandal threatening to tear the church apart, the Vatican opted for the hard-liner Cardinal Koenig to right their reeling ship. Thus began the reign of Pope Sidious I and the appointment of Barracuda as Vatican Interrogator.

Oleg’s clashes with the Pontifical Swiss Guard that are charged with the Pope’s security have been frequent and bloody, as he has no use for the formality of the soldiers. “Grown men marching pretty like horse. It is sad.”

Although Barracuda rarely leaves the Pope’s side, he was selected to join the elite Vatican Black Ops team investigating the rumored return of Christ at ReGen Corp’s Malsum Island Testing Facility.

His mission: Secure the Son of God and Escape From Jesus Island.