Spotlight: Apius Carbuncle


Born with the congenital disorder Proteus Syndrome, Apius has been riddled with tumors since birth. After he failed to display any of Christ’s powers during ReGen Corp’s brutal testing program, he was deemed useless and tossed in the trash as a child.

Another test subject, the monstrous clone Yeshua (nicknamed Damien by ReGen CEO Anna Thorne), bonded with Apius during the hellish testing period. Although young Damien couldn’t cure birth defects, his blossoming healing abilities allowed him to ease the suffering of his friend by keeping Apius’ tumors under control.

Apius being tossed away like so much rubbish was the breaking point for Damien. After luring a guard into his hypnotic gaze, Jesus’s twin escaped and rescued his dying friend. Apius was hidden away in the elaborate maze of tunnels and natural caverns beneath ReGen’s island testing facility.

Over the years, Damien continued to heal and sneak food to his friend, while secretly rescuing as many failed test subjects as possible. The tunnels became his domain and those he liberated were unwaveringly loyal to their Savior.

Apius became the first of Damien’s Apostles, the dozen most trusted mutants in his service. Years in the thrall of Damien have changed Apius, warping him into the feral monster we see today. No longer capable of speech, this beast’s sole focus is destroying the human race responsible for torturing and discarding him as a child. At the side of his Lord and Savior, he will crush humanity beneath his disfigured heel.

((Special thanks go out to Tonya Grant for coming up with this character’s name and to our Facebook fans for selecting it in our first Escape From Jesus Island Name The Mutant contest.))