Anna Thorne

Spotlight: Anna Thorne, CEO, ReGen Corporation


NATALIA: Should we really be giving Damien more power?
ANNA: Sweet, simple girl… I hold Damien’s leash. His power is MY power.

Anna Thorne (modeled after Fright Meter’s 2010 Best Supporting Actress winner Sue Stevens) founded ReGen Corporation with her husband Cameron, the architect of Project Lazarus. As Cameron wasted away from cancer, the couple took greater and greater chances in hopes of creating Jesus, the one person who could heal him. Their experiments with artificial aging techniques led to even more horrific mutations.

Cameron passed away a month before the birth of the Twins, Jesus and Damien, and never got to see his dream realized. He and Anna envisioned a future where illness would be a distant memory. They were going to save the world.

After Cameron’s death, those plans were quickly abandoned. Anna became obsessed with the idea that the clones all had abilities and had simply refused to heal her husband. Blaming the clones for Cameron’s death, Anna’s testing techniques became increasingly brutal over the years. Any clones that don’t immediately display abilities were killed or tossed to Damien to use as toys.

Anna still intends to change the world. With the Twins firmly under her control, she alone has power over the life and death of every human on this planet. World leaders will kneel before her, paying any price to have ReGen Corp heal their dying loved ones. In the span of a decade, ReGen has quietly become one of the most powerful private institutions in the world and Anna is just getting started.