Welcome, Meat…uh…I mean Reader. Yeah. That’s what I meant.

Step right this way. Don’t be nervous. I know, it’s a little creepy around here but I’m your guide and they pay me not to eat you. Not even a little nibble. And since I know what happens to those of us who disobey, you’re safe. I’ll take you on a tour of the island, introduce you around, give you the lay of the land…

What? The axe? Oh that’s just for…well, not all the natives are friendly, you know? Think of it as a weed wacker of sorts. No. No. Never mind that, those aren’t limbs you’re stepping over. Just someone’s idea of a joke. We’re all jokers around here.

:Kicks grasping hand out of the way:

So here’s the story.

Escape from Jesus Island was originally going to be a graphic novel but the ever increasing fan-base, and their input, support and participation,convinced us we should go serial instead. The basic story is that an attempt to clone Jesus eventually succeeds but, in the process, creates scores of hideously deformed freaks and a monstrous twin brother, Damien, who has all of Christ’s powers and a very different agenda.

Our writer is Shawn French, writer, director, and producer the horror film The Wrong House. The artist is Max Leon aka Mortimer Glum, graphic artist for several Maine comic companies, storyboardist on 3 full length movies (Empty House films, Fischer Productions and WisDumb Productions) and has published works in Fangoria magazine, Wizards of the Coast, and TSR magazine (now Gyrax Magazine).

We have a popular Facebook Fan Page and a regular clientele of people who sign on to be mutated into characters like those on Jesus Island; you can see some of the transformations here.